Saturday, May 21, 2011

DFI Recently

Wow, it's been a while I wrote anything for the SF Blog. Truth be told, if I didn't have insomniac right now, I'd be trying to get as much sleep as I can, so I can prepare for another busy week on Monday.

There's been a lot of changes happening in DFI lately. Some you can guess, others, I rather not explain. Just know that I've become busier already. I'm still your GM, don't fret over it if you're fretting at all, but I've been involved in a number of other things as well. I asked a friend recently about what my role should be called. He told me, "Semi-Manager Game Master Millais". xD Wut? He was trying to make me feel good, 'cause I was doing nearly as much work as a Manager guy now.

I'll be focusing mainly on any texts that need to be written for our website and articles, etc. This one, you'll see in oficial announcements.

I'll be needing to do a lot of planinng for our game's updates. Yes, that means what guns and armour you're gonna be having. Just note, though, that I don't have the final say yet, since my official title is Game Master.

I'll be needing to do a lot of planning for future events too. My Website guys and Artists are complaining a lot that we give them too much last minute work :P It's not that the work is a lot. It's just that I would often send a request for new artwork and ask for it to be done in 2 hours xDDD I know, I know! Anyone would bite my head off for doing that! That's why I'm thinking of planning events way ahead of time. Thankfully, I kept a list of some of the events you all want. Yet again, remember that I don't have the final say.

If possible, I'll be helping with answering emails sent to our Support Email. That's pretty much an official thing, so any queries sent there are gonna be prioritised. The big problem I'm having now is that Yahoo emails aren't receiving verification emails. The Yahoo Support team didn't reply me, and it's been a week arleady. Google Mail recently also aren't receiving verification emails. I hope I don't have to disable Gmail sign ups too!

So places like Facebook, Twitter and forums won't get to see much of me for a while. I'm suddenly wondering how I'm going to get involved in future community tournaments... Ok, how about this? You all send me a proposal for a community tournament, you all post up a notice, I'll create Referee accounts for you, and you can hold the tournament. If I have the time, I'll chip in as a referee so that the tournament can be as official as possible. But as I mentioned for my first community tournament, I can't guarantee any prizes. If we're going to have prizes, it'll need the boss's approval, and it's not easy to persuade the higher ups. Maybe I'll upload the template somewhere so you all can download and fill it up.

As for the blog itself, I probably won't be writing another one so soon, not unless I suffer another insomnia problem again. But it's a good thing most of the articles have some people reading them. Not all, but at least some of you. Hmm... I think I better write something about our international channels, since many of you are still angry about having foreigners. Lol, I thought I has settled the case for you all that night when we had that fiasco on Facebook. Maybe not...

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