Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buying Weapon Bombs vs rent systems

If there is one big difference between Special Force, the number one FPS game, and other FPS games out there, it's gotta be our weapon bombs!

All our weapons in our game are permanent. For the non-skinned weapons, like the normal M4A1 and PSG-1, it's as simple as buying once and keeping it forever. For skinned weapons, like the Engraving AK74 and Cutie M4A1, it will take you a number of tries, but once you get it, you keep it FOREVER!!

Some of us might think about how it's unfair. You try 50 times but still cannot get that Alcad M4A1. Your friend tries it 5 times and he gets it already. But once you get it, you will also keep your weapon permanently.
Until the end.
Your children can use it.
Your grandchildren can use it.
Your great grandchildren can sweep with it and never repair it and still get to use it.
You can go on a holiday for 80 days around the world and when you come it'll still be in your inventory.
Get it today, then go visit Korea for 1 week, and when you come it'll still be there.
Get the weapon and never use, and it'll still be there.

That is how Special Force becomes a permanent part of our lives!

Other games tend to use some renting system, where you pay for an item for only a limited time period. Assuming we have our EVL_M16A2 sold by the days.
Buy 7 days, and it'll last for only 7 days.
Buy 7 days, go on a 1 week holiday, and it'll disappear.
Buy 7 days, suddenly your parents banned you from the computer for one month, and your money is wasted.
Buy 7 days, and when you want to show it off to your friends, it disappears already.

Our system and other games' system is like getting a house in Singapore. When you buy the house, you spend a higher amount of money, but the house belongs to you. Go on a holiday and it's still there. When you rent a house, you spend a little bit of money, but you don't own the house. You cannot set up a mini-LAN shop in it. If you go on a holiday, the landlord won't refund you the money lost.

So while it may be more difficult to get the rare items, it will ensure you are a true owner when you get it. No worries you'll waste money when you don't use it for one day, no worries the game will count your weapon duration wrongly.

We, in Special Force, want our players to feel that this game is where they belong!


  1. sry by the time our grandchildren is borned the game is gonna close and the HDBs we buy only last us for 30/99 years

  2. "sry by the time our grandchildren is borned the game is gonna close and the HDBs we buy only last us for 30/99 years"

    Before you try to make an argument, learn English for Christ's sake..

  3. but can u make it easy to get it?
    it is really unfair whn sme one get this in 2-5 weapon bomb and u get it in 50weapon bomb?
    can u make a prie for it? or in a way that only D-coin to buy that weapon..Etc.150D-coin for gold ak..
    can? please!!!
    i bet this is wad all sf player wanting about

  4. ok la, we thought of it before, but the higher-ups have already discussed this and researched on it, so if they're not going to have it, they have their reasons.

    - Millais

  5. Why???
    But atlest can use sp to buy it mah...

  6. If you wan, u can write in to us and tell us why they shd sell it in sp only. Make sure ur suggestion is flawless, k?

    - Millais

  7. DFI Team pede pahingi account??

  8. The higher ups reason is if got standard price they earn less

  9. And if we earn too little, we cannot pay for our electricity, and if we cannot pay for our electricity, we cannot keep the server online, and how are we all to play SF, right?