Monday, December 6, 2010

DFI's next game!

Our CEO had a discussion with the company recently about what should be the next game we bring into Singapore. It's not an official announcement yet, and he's not officially or formally receiving feedback yet, but I was thinking, why wait until next year before we start gathering feedback? Besides, this is a pretty BIG decision, so shouldn't we get as much market opinion as possible?

Here's the list of games available for us to choose from. It's basically all the games in the Games Section of the DF Interactive Pte Ltd website. What game would you want to stand alongside Special Force? Remember, I'll be doing blogs for that game too =3

Oh, spread this to all your friends. I'll probably make this poll without an ending date, or extend it as long as possible.

Remember, you don't need a Special Force fan to be able to help us vote. In fact, get non-SF friends to play our next game, and we can encourage them to play SF at the same time!

- Millais

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  1. Hahaha, to think I forgot to put up the poll for it! Go and vote, everyone!

    - Millais