Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Character Skin Introduction


Wow, I sure took a long time before writing up this blog post. See how busy I am?? xD

Well now, to start off, there is no official English name to this game item yet. In Korea, it is directly translated as "Transform Character", and we, English-speaking country of Singapore, decided to give it a more suitable name - "Character Skin".

And yes, this video was taken during the testing-phase where you'll see a lot of errors and changes made when it is brought to you live.

In KSF thus far, they have 3 Character Skins, all of which make use of 3 of the prominent characters in the Korean movie TaeGukGi: Brotherhood. In case you are still uncertain of the significance of TaeGukGi in our Special Force world, the movie is based on a real life military platoon, and it is this platoon that helped Dragonfly create our beloved Special Force. Thus, KSF made use of 3 of the characters' designs as Character Skins in their game.

What do these skins do? Skye complained that he couldn't see me properly when my PASKAL force was standing in a dark area of the map. I scoffed at him. Then he used PASKAL too and hid himself in some dark corner. He fired right in front of me and I didn't realise it until it was too late.

Hey, that wasn't so bad yet. Skye was camping there, so I took the liberty to seek him out at that spot. I couldn't find him again. zzzzzzz

Now then, what if you had your favourite movie star as your Character Skin? I'm looking at Indiana Jones who was so famous, the shooting world couldn't not know who he is. (I hope) And what if we are able to create a Character Skin out of him? It's not impossible, really, but we do need to see the demand.

First off, let's see if the use of a Character Skin to bring in PASKAL was worth it. Then I'll be bringing in someone else. Here's my hint below:

- Millais


  1. Mulan =.= Release Desperado and we'll all be happy. ;D

  2. eh? did i say anything about Mulan herself? ;D

    - Millais