Sunday, September 26, 2010

Millais' 'New Weapon' for Special Force

Here it comes here it comes here it comes!
Millais' one and only new invention that shall RAWK the world of SF! With my new weapon, all your AK74s, PSGs and M4s shall look like mere sticks and stones!

Introducing the one, the only...

The Indominable French Loaf

Coming in two shapes, the elongated loaf and the rounded bun, my battle tactics shall be second to none!

Being a long stick, this deadly munchkin can be used as a melee weapon, with a reach so long, you would score a headshot first before your opponent is even within slashing range with his measly M9.

And in case nobody realised how the french loaf can be shortened, it can actually serve as replacement for your empty clips. Sniper rifle, rifle, shotgun, any at all!

Not forgetting, of course, the fact that this weapon can be quickly shifted to become a piece of armour when the need arises. Hard-crusted, this bread can withstand the impact of any round you fire at it!

After i conquer all u barbaric soldiers in SGSF, i shall move on to USF next, then KSF, then finally...


And in case any of you are still taking my newest invention lightly, I shall have you know a prototype of this invention of mine was once endorsed by a very famous producer, who is currently stationed all over Singapore:

Fear me when you next see me! You shall not live long to see the next rising dough!

- Millais

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