Friday, August 13, 2010

What it means to be in a clan

Humans have a sense of belonging and the need to belong. This characteristic thrives in just about everything a person does, from being a citizen, to a family, friends, and society. In our gaming world, we are no different.

We hold a rifle, we hold the AK74, and we play mainly team battles. We look for people who specialize in using the rifles, those who prefer the AK74 over other rifles, and seek Team Battles. We want to be with these people often, for reasons as simple as the uniqueness of their codenames, or as complicated as the relationship between you and these people.

Thus, we form clans with them. We hold a certain trust and level of familiarity that we normally do not have with other strangers. We believe in them to stay in the back ranks and sniping those we cannot reach in time. We rely on the close-ranged sprayers to take the front line and blaze a path for us to charge through. If the Clan Leader is loved by all, a word from him can easily have 20 people, or however many there are in the clan, rushing to the Clan Channel to tear down upon those who insulted our Clan name just a moment ago.

Being a member of a clan can be something very casual:

“We’ve got free cookies!”

It can be something spearheaded with a plan (or something along that line):

“We plan on Channel Domination first. After that, Server Domination. Finally, WORLD DOMINATION!”

Or it can be something really serious:

“This is no dating group. We play to ensure our names are marked in history, and not just history to gamers. History books shall print our names and history students shall memorise them! Any of you who messes this up shall see me in real life!”

Reasons why we would want to play with a group of people you are familiar with can be quite easily summed up by the famous internet meme “Leroy Jenkins”. Yet, some are still unfortunate enough to face such personae as these ‘Leroy Jenkins’ and find their gaming experiences much unappreciable.

What should you do should you face such annoying and undesirable clan members who are meant to stick by you through thick and thin and who will be by you regardless whether you want them to cover your back or not? Votes, much? The clan leader had better listen. A government that fails to listen to its citizens shall fall; a clan leader who cannot see his clan through his members’ eyes may not see victory.

In such an indirect way, then, do players see the value in having a clan. The clan itself becomes a microcosm of society (a miniature reference) and being in it brings much joys and stresses as being a citizen of a country.

The value of a clan can thus be worth more than what many may see on the surface. Whenever a player puts a clan tag or wears a clan mark, it will be a moment in that player’s life that something important and lasting occurs in his gaming life.

Introducing Clan GM!


  1. oh btw.....all of u Gms are ROKMC?

  2. hahaha, okok, next week i set up a photo session with GMs ingame ^o^
    yeah, we all decided to go for ROKMC, standardise as clan members mah
    - Millais