Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special Force Clan Fanfic

"It's Good to Have a Clan"
- by Millais

"Gentlemen, I have called you all for a meeting today regarding our current mission," The commander spoke with grave intensity. He paced along the row of Clansmen lined up in front of him, then stopped in front of a particular soldier. "Our informant has been captured."

The soldier's pupils dilated, but he did not move, continued standing at full attention. As a soldier of the Special Force, he was well-trained to keep his emotions under firm control les they affect his judgement in battle.

"Unfortunately, we have decided not to execute any rescue operations so to destroy all evidence of our activities and prevent any leakage of information."

That sentence forced the soldier to break his pose and stare at his superior in wide-eyed shock.

"Sir! Does that mean we're abandoning Sergeant Broski?"

"Unfortunately, yes…" the commander walked off, expecting such an outburst and calmly walked away from the men. "Unless I give further orders, take no action. Dismissed."

"Sir!" the soldiers all saluted at the same time, all except one.

"Why are we abandoning Broski? He's done so much for us, and you're going to abandon him just like that? Answer me!"

"Calm down, Hector!" the team leader and two others held the enraged soldier by the arms to prevent him from jumping onto the commander and throttling him alive. "Listen to me and calm yourself! Going about a rescue operation will jeopardise the Special Force name."

"Damn you! Damn you all! I don't care a bloody damn about fame and glory, I want Broski back!" Hector struggled against their restrictions, his face growing livid. "He's not just a comrade, he's a brother!"

The commander walked out, with a sigh on his lips and a knowing shake of his head.


A patrolling security walked down the hallway towards the innermost room of the secret facility. A man, fully clad in black, dropped down on him and twisted the patrol's neck. He reached the security door, and started tempering with the security door.

When the wires were displaced and reconnected, he slid the card key, meant to bypass all security codes, and waited for the door to slid open. Red lights and an alarm went off instead.

Heavy footfalls from at least two patrols were heard pounding down the hallway, and Hector quickly dashed down another, away from them.

"Sienna, hurry, where's the nearest blind spot I can hide in!" he yelled into his mike, hoping his partner, who was back in base, was already searching for somewhere Hector could hide.

"It's no good! The two patrols behind you are being joined by four more, and there's only a straight corridor ahead of you. There's no opening to the vent ducts here—" Sienna's voice was suddenly distant, and Hector could barely heard her exclaim in surprise, Lieutenant!

"Hector, what the hell do you think you're doing?" The man yelled into the mike, which made Hector flinch and he understood how Sienna must have felt a minute earlier.

"Saving my friend, what else? I'm doing what none of you heartless bastards would do!"

"Have you forgotten my orders, Sergeant Hector?"

"Screw your orders! I'm not leaving Broski behind – "

"The other sergeants are already untying Sergeant Broski right this minute!"

This slowed Hector's steps as he couldn't believe what he heard.

"Sienna, switch to Charlie line."

After a few moments of transmission buzzing, he heard one of the other sergeant's voices. He heard the sergeant gave a small oh and the mike was passed to someone.


"Broski! Are you all right?"

"Yeah… I'm fine… Just… A little fatigued, but… the Clan's with me. Ouch! Hey! Trand, watch here you swing me, I hit my head against the wall!"

This set Hector to sigh in great relief. Unfortunately, this allowed the patrol to catch up to him and knock him out.

When Hector opened his eyes from the coldness of water, he was immediately forced to close them again to brace against a punch.

"Speak! Where is the informant?" A burly man, draped in the garish colours of his rival Clan, sported thick arms, but he secretly rubbed his hurt knuckles behind his back.

"Heh, why should I tell you, you oversized pig!"

That comment brought another blow to Hector's head again, and this time, the man openly nursed his pained knuckles.

"If you do not tell us, we will tear you and your men to shreds! Our Clan shall humiliate all of you!"

As if on cue, a door behind Hector suddenly opened and a man fell through, the moan of death clearly heard. The doors around the room burst open and the bodies of rival Clansmen fell around the floor, dead. Hector's comrade walked in, triumphant. The remaining enemies raised their weapons in vain hope against Hector's recuers.

"Do you really think you can defeat us?"

It was good to be in a Clan.

"You, and what army?"

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  1. To anyone who has a fanfic based on Special Force, let me know and I'll link it to this post!
    - Millais