Friday, August 27, 2010

Millais - Rant and Rave

First and foremost, I’m not female DDD: I know u guys are all in need of female companions, but hey, so is everyone! Too bad, I still won’t be revealing who I really am. What? Got a problem? I do have a high profile with my online alias, so no way am I gonna reveal myself, aight? Yeah I know im writing all in one paragraph but it’s not on purpose… it’s deliberate =3 hey, im not artist, aight? People tell me that everyone can know html and design a website as if they are Picasso and all they need is just an online guide. Well screw, I can’t draw stick figures to save my skin. An all green wall is beautiful to me. I’d grab Mulan and upload her image if u want, but unglam shots are still glam to me. All everybody says everybody can be a Picasso >__> I swear if the company were to depend on my website design to decide whether to bring in a new game or not, we won’t bring in the new game. Lol, we might even need to throw out Special Force! No, don’t try me, I swear, I’ll eat the first person alive who dares me D: And that includes you, Denver! In nay case, I’d be posting lots of pictures of all the videogame babes ever created in history, but that’ll so not be promoting Special Force, so im gonna not do that. Hey, im a sucker for good graphics! Im so bad at design, so obviously I’d want what I can’t do – great graphics ^w^ so u can pretty much guess that my computer wallpapers and my psp background has images of gaming history’s best graphical designs of this particular female. Awesome, yeah? Wan me to share it? Ask me ^w^ I love sharing the gud stuffs!

Come now, I’ll share with y’all one of my wallpapers, at least =D

This one’s 1920 x 1080 :

This one is for 1280 x 1024:

Hmm…did I just type all tat? I could continue ranting more, y’know? But I guess u all skipped to this last line when u saw the wall of text. Oh well, have fun~!

DFI Team:
Well didn't manage to get much out of Millais but at least we know he's bad at art ;)


  1. millais, you are friendly and all haha, but one thing's for sure! you gotta get your work done someday! so work hard and play hard, i will listen to your advice! maybe someday we will be working partners, who knows huh, if you guys are recruiting tell me!!! ok?!


  2. sweet~~~ now it's only just convincing Sniper ^o^